Staff and Key Groups

Milton of Leys Primary School ELC Team

2018/19 Session

 Childcare Manager: Mrs Emma Law

 Childcare Clerical: Mrs Katie Cameron

Early Years Practitioners (EYPs)

Mrs Fiona Adam (Ladybirds)

Miss Sarah Adie (Ducks)

Mrs Sher Almond (Elephants)

Mrs Kayleigh Cameron (Piglets)

Ms Rena Cruickshank (Tigers)

Miss Nat Fraser-Lee (Panthers)

Mrs Kerry-Ann Jones (Rabbits)

Mrs Tara Hopkins (Kangaroos)

Mr Michael Longmuir (Koalas)

Mrs Karen Newlands (Crocodiles)

Mrs Laura Nicol (Giraffes)

Miss Rhianna Musgrave (Monkeys)

Miss Katrina Wylie (Hedgehogs)

Out of School Club (OSC) Team

 Miss Gemma Campbell, OSC Assistant

Mrs Sheila MacLeod, OSC Assistant

Mrs Moira Campbell, OSC Auxiliary

Mrs Catriona Nesbitt, OSC Auxiliary (maternity leave)

Miss Kellyanne Paterson, OSC Auxillary














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